They run in France to offer sports to Haitian children !

On April 6th 2014, the Expedia team is running the Paris Marathon for children in Haiti.

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How the project got started

During the night of January 12, 2010 the most powerful earthquake in the last 200 years almost destroyed Haiti. It was devastating for its institutions, social structures and child-protection systems. This earthquake made the already troubling situation of children even worse, primarily their education, nutrition and medical care...

Since then, Haiti has become a place where Espoir Sans Frontières feels it must do something. This NGO has developed programs to sponsor children’s education, nutrition for the youth and the elderly.

For example, Saint Jean Bosco school –founded by the Salesian sisters, our partner in many countries- benefited from the first « sports program ». This school borders the largest shanty town in Port au Prince, known as "Cité soleil ", population 350,000. Saint Jean Bosco has 300 students in 14 classrooms from kindergarten through elementary school.

In its 2013 mission, Espoir sans Frontières has seen the fundamental need to extend its activities to a sector that is threatened by insecurity, poverty, and child vagrancy that soon leads children to become members of a gang.
After consulting with the school principal, two collective projects were selected:

- The first project promotes sports in schools but may also be applied to children that are outside the school system.

- The second project promotes reading skills. An open library will be available to the neighborhood for this purpose.

Sports project at Saint Jean Bosco school

Practicing sports is recognized today as essential and beneficial for the harmonious development of man. Sports are a source of pleasure and personal fulfillment. Sports help children develop as individuals and as members of a group. Sports help children learn how to react to different unexpected situations, to be team players and help each other, face adversaries and accept failure, learn to work hard and play by the rules.

Disenfranchised children are particularly in need to find a way to release the stress they are under due to the violence they experience every day and other stress factors. An interest in sports –regardless of what the sport is- may become a source of balance and also a good motivation to go to school, by merely discovering their competencies and expressing themselves. This lifts their self-esteem. All of the above contributes to success in school.

The first activities in our first sports program will be volleyball and dancing :
- volleyball as a team activity
- dance as an individual expression

This program will benefit all the children at Saint Jean Bosco school. Three hundred extremely poor boys and girls ranging from 6 to 12 years of age.

Our goal is to provide children during their school year the opportunity to practice a sport 2 hours a week with a physical education trainer.

Short-term implementation plan:
- To provide the necessary infrastructure to play volleyball.
- Sporting equipment for the students.
- Allowance for one physical education teacher.

Based on funding available, the middle and long term plan is as follows:
- To include new sports every year.

Objectives to be achieved

The challenge of Expedia runners is to collect 13 600 € to :

- create two volley-ball fields
- start dance classes
- buy new equipment : balls, nets, posts and stereos
- provide sporting outfits to the 300 students
- have a physical education teacher during one year, so that every children can practice sports 2h a week

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